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Furnace Repair

Cleaning and maintenance of your furnace is important for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Furnaces can pose a safety hazard if not maintained properly, and regular maintenance can help ensure that your furnace is operating safely and identify any potential safety hazards.
  2. Efficiency: A well-maintained furnace will run more efficiently, which can help lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Performance: Furnaces that are not properly maintained can experience decreased performance, which can result in longer heating times, uneven heating, or even complete breakdowns.
  4. Longevity: Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your furnace and prevent the need for costly replacements.
  5. Compliance: In some cases, regular furnace maintenance is required by law and failure to comply can result in fines or legal action.
  6. Peace of mind: Knowing that your furnace is in good working order and has been serviced by a professional can give you peace of mind and ensure that you have reliable heating when you need it.

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During a furnace maintenance visit, A plus Quality Heating and Air will perform a thorough cleaning, inspect the furnace and its components, check for gas leaks, and perform any necessary repairs or adjustments. This can help ensure that your furnace is functioning at its best and can prevent more serious and expensive problems from developing in the future.


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